Seth Golub, MA, MBA – Executive Coach Customer Success Lead

Seth Golub, M.A., M.B.A.
Seth provides executive coaching as well as individual/couple/family therapy, and workshop development for EBMC

Prior to joining EBMC, I was a Fortune 500 executive, a management consultant, and a founder and member of the executive teams for three successful Bay Area technology startups. My master’s and ongoing research focus on families of children and teens with visible and invisible disabilities, and I am a longtime volunteer for programs focusing on this population. As a longtime corporate and therapeutic adventure leader and wilderness first responder, I hope to promote the understanding and adoption of evidence-based best practices and techniques from these programs to our members and local schools. My education includes an MA in Counseling Psychology from JFKU, an MBA (Marketing/International Business) with distinction from NYU’s Stern Graduate School of Business, and a BA in Public Policy/Civil Engineering from Princeton University.

As NCMI Customer Success Lead, I work with our new and longtime network members to ensure that they are getting the maximum value from their membership. I may be reaching out to you to learn more about you and your business, help you get your individual marketing pages up and running, hear your thoughts on how we can improve our web site and your experience, and get ideas for speakers and workshops that YOU would like to see.