Psychological Assessments

People often start medication or other types of treatment without a proper psychological evaluation. A proper assessment might include cognitive, personality, and diagnostic testing, as well as in-depth interviews from the patient and people who know the patient well. The proper treatment recommendations and medication choices usually require a combination of clinical expertise and the objective data that comprehensive psychological tests provide. If you’re curious about your personality, intelligence, memory, possible neuropsychological problems due to a brain injury or head trauma, then you might be a candidate for psychological testing. Assessments can also help guide your children and their academic career, such as by ruling out issues like learning disorders or ADD/ADHD. The wrong diagnosis can lead to unnecessary medications and misguided treatment.

Our registered associate marriage and family therapists can administer initial screenings to help assess the need for comprehensive testing. Because such testing falls outside the scope of their training, we engage with independent contractors who have specialties in cognitive, personality, neuropsychological, and social-emotional testing.