Therapy for Children

Children and adolescents face unique challenges that can be profoundly stressful and seriously impact their development. Children and adolescents also process their experiences differently from adults. EBMC child and adolescent therapists incorporate other modalities in addition to talk therapy such as play, behavioral, art, and expressive art therapy. EBMC supports the family system as a whole. Our skilled and supportive therapists are here to provide conjoint family therapy, and collateral parent education/support as part of your child’s treatment plan. 

Your child might benefit from therapy if he/she is experiencing issues related to: 


• Bullying
• Physical/sexual trauma or witnessing violence/chronic conflict 
• Exposure to addiction
• Academic challenges
• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Social skills/peer relationships
• Grief
• Attachment
• Acting out at home or school



We believe that therapy can be a valuable tool for helping young people navigate their feelings and grow into their most capable and confident selves.