Kelly Ravenel, LMFT, CBT

Kelly is a somatically oriented psychotherapist. She is a licensed MFT and a supervisor for EBMC. This work has a long history leading back through Alexander Lowen to Wilhelm Reich who was in the psychoanalytic world and a student of Freud’s.  Utilizing somatic work adds a dimension that is missing in verbal analysis alone.  Rather than depending on talk therapy alone, she helps people through work with both the body and mind to access their true self and resolve traumas and patterns that are in the way of living a satisfying life.


When working with people, Kelly listens to find the path to healing that is unique to the client.  Her extensive training in Somatic work enables her to help people recover their authentic self with all its passion, aliveness and potential for wholeness.


While Kelly addresses the needs for grounding and boundaries the emphasis is on the resolution of trauma, the restoration of aliveness, spontaneity, and the capacity for pleasure. She can help people work with the body in order to resolve trauma and find the resilience to enjoy the goodness of life.  Somatic work is effective in working with depression, anxiety, PTSD, relationship problems, substance abuse, eating disorders, life transitions, and self-assertion.

Please contact Kelly for a no-fee initial meeting if you are interested in treatment. She can be reached at through her website or at the phone number below.

(510) 859.3383